Alice marble

alice, 1913–90, u.s. tennis player.

a hard crystalline metamorphic rock resulting from the recrystallization of a limestone: takes a high polish and is used for building and sculpture
(as modifier): a marble bust, related adjective marmoreal

a block or work of art of marble
a small round gl-ss or stone ball used in playing marbles
(austral & nz, informal) make one’s marble good, to succeed or do the right thing
(austral, informal) p-ss in one’s marble, to die
(transitive) to mottle with variegated streaks in imitation of marble
cold, hard, or unresponsive
white like some kinds of marble

type of stone much used in sculpture, monuments, etc., early 14c., by dissimilation from marbra (mid-12c.), from old french marbre (which itself underwent dissimilation of 2nd -r- to -l- in 14c.; marbre persisted in english into early 15c.), from latin marmor, from or cognate with greek marmaros “marble, gleaming stone,” of unknown origin, perhaps originally an adjective meaning “sparkling,” which would connect it with marmairein “to shine.” the latin word was taken directly into old english as marma. german marmor is restored latin from old high german marmul. meaning “little b-lls of marble used in a children’s game” is attested from 1690s.

late 14c., “of marble,” from marble (n.). meaning “mottled like marble” is mid-15c. marble cake is attested from 1864.

1590s (implied in marbled), “to give (something) the appearance of marble,” from marble (n.). related: marbling.
a metamorphic rock consisting primarily of calcite and dolomite. marble is formed by the metamorphism of limestone. although it is usually white to gray in color, it often has irregularly colored marks due to the presence of impurities such as silica and clay. marble is used especially in sculpture and as a building material.

as a mineral, consists of carbonate of lime, its texture varying from the highly crystalline to the compact. in esther 1:6 there are four hebrew words which are rendered marble:, (1.) shesh, “pillars of marble.” but this word probably designates dark-blue limestone rather than marble. (2.) dar, some regard as parian marble. it is here rendered “white marble.” but nothing is certainly known of it. (3.) bahat, “red marble,” probably the verd-antique or half-porphyry of egypt. (4.) sohareth, “black marble,” probably some spotted variety of marble. “the marble pillars and tesserae of various colours of the palace at susa came doubtless from persia itself, where marble of various colours is found, especially in the province of hamadan susiana.” the marble of solomon’s architectural works may have been limestone from near jerusalem, or from lebanon, or possibly white marble from arabia. herod employed parian marble in the temple, and marble columns still exist in great abundance at jerusalem.

see: have all one’s b-ttons (marbles)

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