usually an insult reffering to being called a sl-t; or wh-r-.
you just pulled an alicia-fine move.

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  • alp-eesh

    the greek god that defeated arabulis. to secure the universe for eternal light he created the sun then gave life to the high level gods.

  • Bachelor Sip

    to put your head under the faucet for a drink to avoid using a gl-ss. jeff took a bachelor sip from the sink. to drink water directly from the faucet. dude 1: “hey, you need a gl-ss?” dude 2: “nah, i’ll just take a quick bachelor sip.”

  • backdoor lenny

    a man who happily ‘gives’ during -n-l s-x. you should have seen mckenzie last night, he took a granny hame and by 3am his name was backdoor lenny

  • Kimkimz and jonjonz

    a kimkimz and jonjonz is a very affectionate, loving display of affection. usually described by infinite p-ssionate kisses while simultaneously rubbing noses. do you see those two over there? yeah. that’s a “kimkimz and jonjonz “

  • dickslexia

    the disorder defined by a p-n-s that repeatedly confusing the right and wrong whole during intercourse. his c-ck was so small, he could have had d-ckslexia and i’d still ask “are you in yet?” a preference for smaller d-cks. billy has a tiny p-n-s, so he’ll need to find a girl with d-ckslexia the failure […]

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