1)for others to know you agree with their point

2)to emphasise your point…also meaning get me!

3)to emphasise a question…also meaning init
1)jack: that new ting in cinema is sik
mark: alie!

2)alie shes a sket!

3)she moved to south alie?
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ok right…. it is not pr-nounced a-llee as in the name alice or alexandra. it is pr-nounced a-lie as in your saying lie, ok? and you say it… well basically its the new word for init. u say it when u agree with what someone is saying or when you want someone to agree with you.
person 1: omidays man this work at school is sooo boring!
person 2: alie!

person 1: wow today has been fun alie
person 2: yeah
when you want to make sure that everyone knows you aint lying. deadly serious.
low it man she is safe alie
a jamaican word that british yoots beg using but duno wat it means.

for the record it is actually meant to mean ‘you joking’? my grandma and mum have bin using it since day.

for example,

granny’s gossip mate-yuh hear bout shirley? she caught her son in bed with a man.


brit kids however, use it as a way of saying ‘init’ or an expression of strong agreement- it’s 2009’s ‘you get me’
girl 1- nathan is peng!!

girl 2- alie!!!!!!
when your ovally serious about something.

another way of saying init.
rach;; dat boiiz a wasteman alie.

rach;; woo dat boiiz choong.
holly;; alie.
a jamaican expression made popular by the late dancehall legend bogle a.k.a. mr. wacky.

it is used to express one’s disbelief towards a particular thing or situation.
person #1: “did you hear? bogle was just gunned down at the gas station.”

person #2: “a lie!”
alie. a lying b-tch who love’s to manipulate people, alie’s are cheaters and will break your heart. they lie and would do anything to get what the want, they aren’t good at keeping secrets and love to put girls that are better then them down. if you’re dating an alie she will tell you to stop talking to people she dislikes. alie’s lie, cheat, sleep around.

the quickest way to get a sti. f-ck a alie
alie : “i f-cking hate her, you can’t talk to her anymore”
boy: “why?”
alie: “because i f-cking hate her. lmao. listen to me.”
boy: ..uh.k”

girls: “i hate her, sl-t.”
boys: “that sl-t, dumb f-cks good haha what a wh-r-.”

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