Alieni juris

under the control of another, as a lunatic or infant.

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  • Alienia

    alienia alienia a·li·e·ni·a (ā’lī-ē’nē-ə) n. absence of the spleen.

  • Alienism

    . historical examples in spite of her friendly sympathy, he never felt so keenly his alienism as in her presence. tales from two hemispheres hjalmar hjorth boysen noun (obsolete) the study and treatment of mental illness

  • Alienist

    (formerly) a doctor specializing in the treatment of mental illness. an expert witness in a sanity trial. historical examples the case of germany is a hospital case, a case for the alienist; the mania of grandeur, complemented by the mania of persecution. the pentecost of calamity owen wister the english poet’s plays are a perfect […]

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    wing-shaped; wing-like; alar. adjective wing-shaped; alar aliform a·li·form (ā’lə-fôrm’, āl’ə-) adj. shaped like a wing; alar.

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