this means s-xy or hot in this weird language
d-mn he is such an alifudge!

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  • glaze my donuts

    when a boy c-ms all over a girls -ss cheeks and rubs it all around her -ss bust a nut on my -ss then glaze my donuts

  • t*t neck

    a t-t looking b-mp on your neck that t-t neck you have can start to swell right?

  • riley thompson

    a stunning person but is lonely has no friends, likes a person named alynna but she will never notice him… riley thompson sucks hes a nerd lets bully him

  • dextane

    an adorable memester who gives you the insatiable urge to kiss, hug, cuddle, and possibly impregnate. jordan: is that dextane? i hear she has a huge bepis ruu: pffft bet

  • alex freeman

    a dude that always wipped 24/7 . josh never hangs out with us because of his girlfriend, he pulled an “alex freeman”.

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