someone who tall, dark and f-cking s-xy. can destroy kids on nba 2k and in basketball.
that guy is so alimamy. i versed him in nba last night. he destroyed me.

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  • witch vibe

    an unconfirmed, sometimes irrational sure feeling about a situation or theory that has not yet occurred or been tested. coined by fashion stylist rachel zoe. “i know you don’t know the s-x of the baby yet, but i’m getting a witch vibe you’re having a girl.”

  • bedxs

    a n-gg- with cl-ss that play xbox and f-cks kids up. also know for stealing b-tches😋 don’t make me get bedxs on that -ss (pause)

  • quivereffing

    when your v-g-n- see’s the phat b-gan coming and it doesnt know whether to quiver or queef so it does both!! quivereffing!! jayde seen joe b-go coming to back hand jer -ss and her v-g-n- quivered and queefed at the same. quivereffing!

  • sarce

    a way of saying “seriously” or “really?” in a disappointed manner. to show annoyance of something. marge: we have a math test tomorrow maria: sarce?!

  • complescendary

    being a combination of complimentary and condescending, to the point where your conversational companion is not sure whether you are being sincere or an -ss. you’re such a saint! i can’t tell if you’re being sincere or a douche. i prefer the term complescendary.

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