nourishment; nutrition.
maintenance; support.
addition to the volume of a glacial m-ss, chiefly by the acc-mulation of ice, snow, or névé.
compare (def 2).
historical examples

for this reason many new trees spring up in groups, obtaining their first alimentation from the dissolution of the corpse.
my friends the savages giovanni battista cerruti

like the respiration, the alimentation ought to be watched by the singer.
the voice frank e. miller

by the way, i learned a few things in an experimental process about the great subject of alimentation.
confessions of a neurasthenic william taylor marrs

in the alimentation of armies scientific principles must not be disregarded.
martyria augustus c. hamlin

alimentation must be severely controlled by the physician, and the tolerance and effects constantly watched.
a system of practical medicine by american authors, vol. i various

lean meats, acid fruits, and the weak alkaline mineral waters should be the basis of a proper system of alimentation.
a system of practical medicine by american authors, vol. ii various

this is the first proof of the importance of fatty matters for the alimentation of babes.
scientific american supplement, no. 392, july 7, 1883 various

in the beginning, the instincts of animals are confined to alimentation, self-protection, and the multiplication of their species.
the lair of the white worm bram stoker

these need too active an alimentation to develop and fructify in so petty a colony as irkutsk.
from paris to pekin over siberian snows victor meignan

as already stated, the pharynx is common to the functions of both respiration and alimentation.
special report on diseases of the horse united states department of agriculture

sustenance; support

alimentation al·i·men·ta·tion (āl’ə-měn-tā’shən)

the act or process of giving or receiving nourishment.

support; sustenance.

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