alison groeller

alison is the kind of person that is kinda like a psychopath and if your her enemy she will find a way to demolish you. she can be kind if she’s in the mood for it but others she can be stubborn. alison is adventurous but can become scared. she usually hides her tears if she can help it, but if she is having a hard time or she just isn’t having a good day she may show some tears. she is dependent and has a few friends but are very good and strong friends. alison is the kind of person that never wants to put anyone down, she would rather lift up there spirits unless they are her true enemy. never give a alison sugar before she goes to bed, you will mentally and physically not survive the night. never give a alison caffeine, you will die if you die. alison is the type of person that can be very smart, if she isn’t she is trying to dumb things down to your level. but overall alison is a very good friend. and if you are alison’s enemy or hurt alison in any way you should run.
enemy: please don’t hurt me

alison groeller: oh i won’t hurt me i’m going to hurt you

enemy: sh-t

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