alissa is really cool and everyone wants to be like her. she has the best friends, perfect body and knows how to win any guy over. she is always loving , if you dont mess with her, and once you go behind her back consider yourself gone!
person 1-omg that girl is amazing

person 2-she must be an alissa
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innocent, sweet, nice, pretty, cute, smile, everyone’s best friend, hot, cute and amazing body

everyone loves her. she gives amazing advices about relationships, friends and life. she is talented and determined. most people she is the bestest friend anyone can get and the most amazing girlfriend a guy can get. all the boys love her, they would do anything to get her. she can be sensitive at times, but she will try her best to hide her feelings and pretended like nothing had happen.

boy- hey look! its alissa! shes looking hot as usual?
boy 2- oh my god shes d-mn hot! i want to go out with her so bad!
boy- why go out? make out!
boy 2- no way! shes too innocent to do that
boy- true
boy 3- i wish there is more then one alissa so we can all date her
all boys- yes

alissa is amazing!


the best friend anyone could have. the person you rely on the most and means everything to you. if she wasn’t in your life anymore it would suck. always has your back and there is no better friend than her. the person you hope to stay friends with forever. pretty too;)
alissa is the best.
alissa is nice, but never get on her bad side.
;p alissa
the most beautiful girl on earth. amazing smile, gorgeous eyes, cute body. beast in bed. grabbable b-tt. is usually unnoticeable but one you catch her sparkling eye, your world flips around. loves attention and socializing. great kisser, and loves s-x. boys bow at her feet. quiet and adorable, or loud and s-xy. the best friend ever and the most loyal girlfriend you can ask for. don’t lose an alissa, or you will regret it! 🙂
boy 1: “dude, did you see her eyes? they’re all gorgeous!”
boy 2: “yeah, i did, man! who’s she?”
boy 3: “alissa. but don’t bother, she has a man already. d-mn he’s lucky. i’d do anything to have her!”
someone who loves attention. she is hot, beautiful and glamorous and extremely popular. looks are very important to her, and it often comes off as shallow. if you are a n-body, she doesnt care for you, she only -ssociates with the best. she is outgoing and crazy at times. she craves attention, and she will go to the extreme to get it. she can be a huge b-tch if she wants, or the sweetest cutest girl ever. but watch out.. she is fierce
everyone knows alissa, she is sooo popular
she is really mean to her boyfriend she called him fat last night
alissa : your fat.
johnny : you’ll have that, on the big jobs.

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