inclined to one side; heeling or .
a group of desirable or admired people who are welcomed especially in social and professional situations:
hollywood’s a list turned out for the oscars.
pertaining to or being in an a list; prominent.
historical examples

instrument′alist, one who plays on a musical instrument; instrumental′ity, agency.
chambers’s twentieth century dictionary (part 2 of 4: e-m) various

cabb′alism, the science of the cabbala; cabb′alist, one versed in the cabbala.
chambers’s twentieth century dictionary (part 1 of 4: a-d) various

experiment′alist, exper′imentist, one who makes experiments.
chambers’s twentieth century dictionary (part 2 of 4: e-m) various


the most socially desirable category
(as modifier): an a-list event

compare b list

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