usually a some what shy girl who you find out is really funny once you get to know her. people can’t get mad at aliza since you can’t take her seriously. she likes to have a good time with her friends and get’s along with everyone. she’s extremely artsy. she finds a way to like everything and is overall always happy.
tim: “what’s up aliza?”
aliza: “nothin much :)”
the hottest girl in the entire world who when u see her, u just wanna jump on her and kiss her. shes pretty, gorgeous, romantic, sweet, hot, funny, perfect. people envy her for her amazing looks and personality. aliza can always be trusted and she will always have your back. when you first meet her she can come off as sn-bby but shes just shy and takes time to warm up to people. aliza’s usually dont give second chances to dont p-ss her off! also never let her go cause you’ll regret it for many many years to come.
“i just hung out with the most amazing girl alive”
“must have been aliza?”
an aliza is something very clean, polite, and well kept. distancing herslef from anything dirty or -n-l, alizas tend to remain superior. they also obtain the tastest bags of food that are frequently stolen by inferior surrounding beasts.
“clean up the hallway and put the stolen booty back, the aliza is coming!”
don’t ever overlook and aliza, theyre beautiful, hot, funny, crazyyyy lol and you will deff have a h-lla time with an aliza. and they loveee guys who flirt flirt flirt, none of tht serious sh-ttt.
oh that girls hottt but sweet too. and spicy!
oh, shes an aliza
should i ask her out?
nah, just sweet talk her like crazy
the best friend you will ever have. aliza is a funny, cute, beautiful, caring and extremely friendly girl. she is the kind of girl who will always be there for you and while in the company of aliza you are guaranteed to never be bored. she may come off as a bit of a flirt, but that’s part of what’s so great about her!

if you know a girl named aliza, hurry up and befriend her! she is usually very popular so do it before it’s too late.
if your name is aliza, then you are in fact a very lucky girl and are most likely best friends with a girl named noa.
person a: “what’s your name?”
person b: “i’m aliza”
person a: “lets be best friends!”
the most beautiful girl you will ever meet, she can make anyone happy and is the sweetest girl ever. when aliza comes into your life everything changes in a positive way ! it’s a gift to have a girl as beautiful as she is in your life. everything she does is cute and you can’t help but to fall in lovve with her and love her ! shes also very intelligent, she’s the definition of perfection ! she’ll set your standards so high shes the only one who can meet them !
very pretty girl, and very goofy and fun-loving! she is a really nice girl, but if you push her b-ttons she can over-react. but if she did something wrong, she will feel the most sorry person in the world. just as i said, very goofy girl. it’s easy to make a good relationship with her, but some people take her goofiness to seriously and sometimes get mad at her. but she never means to hurt someone. great girl!
person 1: hey, that girl who’s really nice and funny, do you know her?
person 2: no, but she sounds like a aliza!

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