any member of the .

also called olefine, olefin. any unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon with the general formula cnh2n
also called olefine. (as modifier): alkene series

alkene al·kene (āl’kēn’)
any of a series of unsaturated, open chain hydrocarbons with one or more carbon-carbon double bonds, having the general formula cnh2n.
any of a group of unsaturated hydrocarbons that have carbon atoms in chains linked by one or more double bonds and that have the general formula cnh2n. lighter alkenes, such as ethylene, are derived from petroleum by cracking. also called olefin. ◇ the group of alkenes as a whole is called the alkene series or the ethylene series. its first five members are ethylene (or ethene), propylene (or propene), butylene (or butene), pentene, and hexene.

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