contemporary examples

aronofsky himself told us that he wanted the movie to be an all-encomp-ssing affair.
the genesis of noah’s art show alex suskind march 6, 2014

don meets joy on a california business trip in season 2, and they embark on an extremely brief, sunny, all-encomp-ssing affair.
every woman don draper’s hooked up with on ‘mad men’ amy zimmerman april 12, 2014

heroin users describe the high as a feeling of all-encomp-ssing well being.
hallucinating away a heroin addiction abby haglage may 3, 2014

instead, he prefers to avoid that all-encomp-ssing, data-friendly approach and go from the gut.
david simon says ‘the wire’ wouldn’t survive on tv today alex suskind april 24, 2014

instead, it has created an all-encomp-ssing information bubble.
mark levin’s big lie conor friedersdorf april 28, 2010

historical examples

it invigorated him, made him feel part of something huge and all-encomp-ssing, like being in his father the mountain.
someone comes to town, someone leaves town cory doctorow

the all-encomp-ssing change we are witnessing concerns both.
the civilization of illiteracy mihai nadin

inside the all-encomp-ssing, roasting grid of the melting suit, lonnie writhed.
zero data charles saphro

how powerless she is against these subtle invitations, these unknown and all-encomp-ssing temptations!
the golden house charles dudley warner

now, the law of the indian jungle is as old and as true as the sky, and just as widespread and as all-encomp-ssing.
the face of the fields dallas lore sharp

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