all fours

(n.) one’s hands and knees/legs (delete as applicable)
she was searching for the condom on all fours without her gl-ss, when barry couldn’t wait anymore and gave it to her indab-tt
a game played with four people and a full deck of playing cards. the four people spilt in to two teams of 2 and they sit opposite each other around a table. the object is to reach 14 points before the other team. a point is awarded for having the highest piece of trump- played. a point is also awarded for having the lowest piece of trump. points are also awared for having the jack of trump, game- and three points is awarded for hangjack-.

-trump- after 6 cards are dealt to each of the 4 players a card is kicked ontop of the rest of reamaing cards on the deck. this suit of card is known as trump and is higher in value over all other suits of card except in its own suit.

-game- this is the awarded to the team who was collected the most points in a particular round. pts are awarded as follows, 4pts for an ace, 3pts for king, 2pts for queen, 1pt for jack and 10pts for a 10(of any suit).
(nb: a 2 (of any suit) may be considered two pts if the game of all fours is being played in tobago)

-hangjack- this is when an opposing team player plays a higher piece of trump card on their opponents jack of trump. (nb this is an emabarrising move in the game to suffer)
here are some examples of certain aspects of all fours

-trump – if the trump card that was kicked was a 4 of hearts then from 2 of hearts to ace of hearts (excluding the 4 which was kicked an is out of play) is higher than any other card that can be played. eg 4 of hearts (which is trump in this case) is higher than a 3 of spades.

eg2. 5 of hearts(which is trump in this case) is higher than a 2 of hearts.

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