all natural

the state of having unshaved p-b-s ; ]
“dude, did that hot girl shave or is she still all natural
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pr-nouced: all-nat-chu-ral

a woman who does not have to shave her vigina, get implants, botox, or other plastic surgry to be s-xy.
jeff: so did you hook up with that asian chick last night?
tsunami: oh yeah, she was all-natural dude. asians are hot!

dude you girlfriend has a huge rack…
oh yeah and she is all-natual buddy!
an attractive woman who´s physical appearence is

-not a sh-tload of time spent on hair
-no make-up (lipstick not included)
-a-c cup (d cup means the woman had some work done on her milk glands)
-no abs (abs are utterly disgusting on a woman´s belly, i don´t know why you women think guys think abs are attractive)
-not “paris hilton skinny”

-not fat. ok fine, maybe a tiny amount of fat. thats it.
-medium-large -ss. (not too large or it will be -ssumed that work has been done on it.)
-somewhat thicker legs. not fat b-tch legs.
-small feet (compared to a man´s feet)
you know the story of adam and eve? look at a pic of eve fully naked. that is what a woman is supposed to look like. all natural and beautiful. not those skinny tramps over in hollywood.
your b-tt naked!
ohhhhhhh he’s going all natural!

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