contemporary examples

is it easier for scientists to impress arts students with their all-round knowledge than vice versa?
the best of brit lit peter stothard march 25, 2010

historical examples

there are so many things to be considered if you take an all-round view.
the girls of st. cyprian’s angela brazil

the chestertonian decadence was not even an all-round falling-off.
g. k. chesterton, a critical study julius west

some were a little frightened lest an all-round flogging should be proposed.
the master of the sh-ll talbot baines reed

let us also understand that real consecration is an ‘all-round’ thing.
standards of life and service t. h. howard

oh, yes, but personally she wanted to see a girl as charming and as “all-round” as carroll win.
a book of bryn mawr stories marian t. macintosh

putnam was an all-round zoologist, but his specialty was fishes.
lippincott’s magazine, november 1885 various

he had been captain of eton the year before, so he was an all-round chap, and must have been a magnificent pilot.
an onlooker in france 1917-1919 william orpen

he was the best example of an all-round invalid i ever stacked up against.
shorty mccabe sewell ford

its object is that it shall be capable of all-round defence.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 10, slice 6 various

efficient in all respects, esp in sport; versatile: an all-round player
comprehensive; many-sided; not narrow: an all-round education

1728, from all + round (adj.). all-rounder is from 1855 as a type of men’s collar; 1875 as a person who is good at everything.

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