All well and good

see: well and good

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  • All while

    a period or interval of time: to wait a long while; he arrived a short while ago. archaic. a particular time or occasion. during or in the time that. throughout the time that; as long as. even though; although: while she appreciated the honor, she could not accept the position. at the same time that […]

  • All year round

    throughout the entire year, without regard to seasons. for example, thanks to the indoor courts we can play tennis all year round. [ mid-1700s ]

  • All'antica

    in the manner of the ancients.

  • All'ottava

    adjective, adverb (music) to be played an octave higher or lower than written 8va

  • All's fair in love and war

    all’s fair in love and war people in love and soldiers in wartime are not bound by the rules of fair play. note: this proverb is frequently used when two people are contending for the love of a third. any conduct is permissible in certain circ-mstances, as in of course he called her—all’s fair in […]

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