All Yack

a guy or girl who has the mentality that they are extremely attractive, all that, but are in fact the opposite.
quanita be thinkin she all that, but she be all yack!

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  • alphaecho

    an -ssh-l- on tactics arena online that thinks he’s god, yet everyone hates him. especially some members in his own clan. hey look, there’s alphaecho, the -sshole. he’s probably going to brag about how tough he is, and then yell at random people for stupid reasons since he has nothing better to do

  • alpha gams

    1. the respectable, cl-ssy ladies on campus known for their sophistication, scholarship, beauty, and leadership 2. the ladies gentlemen prefer (especially when it comes time to find a wife) 3. the ladies always walking tall even when others humorously try to bring them down alpha gams have always and will always be the best.

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    the coolest kid in town, she has the best style ever without having to try, would kill for her friends and can get whoever she wants that alstefretastic chick is a hotty

  • amatuer g*ys on campus

    a playlist that contains all of your songs. kinda useless. sarah z: “why does this playlist have all of your songs?” mikyla ly: “it’s an ‘amatuer gays on campus’.” sarah z: “oh.” mikyla ly: “please stop phonestalking me.”

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