Allantoic vesicle

allantoic vesicle

allantoic vesicle n.
the hollow part of the allantois.

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  • Allantoic stalk

    allantoic stalk allantoic stalk n. the narrow connection between the intraembryonic portion of the allantois and the extraembryonic allantoic vesicle. historical examples krause maintains that all the other embryos shewing an allantoic stalk at an early age are pathological. the works of francis maitland balfour, volume iii (of 4) francis maitland balfour the intra-embryonic portion […]

  • Allantoid

    also, allantoidal [al-uh n-toid-l] /ˌæl ənˈtɔɪd l/ (show ipa). . the allantois. adjective relating to or resembling the allantois (botany) shaped like a sausage noun another name for allantois allantoid al·lan·toid (ə-lān’toid’) or al·lan·toid·al (āl’ən-toid’l) adj. of or having an allantois. shaped like a sausage. n. see allantois.

  • Allantoid membrane

    allantoid membrane allantoid membrane n. allantois.

  • Allantois

    a vascular, extraembryonic membrane of birds, reptiles, and certain mammals that develops as a sac or diverticulum from the ventral wall of the hindgut. historical examples an embryonic appendage, the allantois, used in reptiles and birds for respiration, has here been turned to another purpose. the whence and the whither of man john mason tyler […]

  • Allantoidoangiopagous twins

    allantoidoangiopagous twins allantoidoangiopagous twins al·lan·toi·do·an·gi·op·a·gous twins (āl’ən-toi’dō-ān’jē-ŏp’ə-gəs) pl.n. unequal monozygotic twins with fusion of their allantoic vessels within the placenta. also called omphaloangiopagous twins.

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