alley cat

1. a stray cat, a homeless cat

2. a s-xually promiscuous person, usually a woman
an alley cat ran out into the street causing the several cars to swerve.
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1. a homeless cat

2. a girl that tries to get you to hang out/go out with her. like an alley cat would beg you for food. giving her attention is like giving an alley cat food, once you do, she will never leave you alone.
dont feed the alley cat or she will never go away
alley cat

a type of race that bike messengers partake in for fun that simulates the average messenger’s work day.

most often, alley cat races are designed as a “checkpoint” race, meaning that racers must p-ss through certain points on the pre-defined route in succession before completing the race. some check points require actually dropping off/picking up items or even completely silly games (like spinning around in circles and pinning a tail on a donkey) before receiving clearance to proceed to the next checkpoint.

some races mimic “sprints” or “time trials” like those commonly found in professional bicycle races.

cheating, taking alternative routes, or otherwise “breaking the rules” are generally acceptable as that bike messenger culture can be highly compet-tive and require messengers to “do what it takes” to get the job done.

awards are generally bragging rights in the forms of spoke cards. before spoke cards were fashionable, these cards tended to be regular playing cards from a deck. the winner (first place) usually receives an ace of spades and can proudly wear it in the rear wheel. instead of wearing numbers on their shirts or bags, spoke cards can be used to identify compet-tors at the finish line and check points.
“i was on my way to work and was nearly run over by a pack of messengers racing an alley cat.”
heroic but humble male who is known to wander the streets at night in hopes of anonymously liberating, helping or rescuing animals from the hands of those whom would hurt them.
that alleycat saved another little one from certain death.
an illegal, no rules, bicycle messenger race through urban environment.
monstertrack is the best alleycat of the year.
a person who is jobless or has very low income and tries to live of the charity of friends. don’t turn your back because the alley-cat is also known to take with out asking in terms of money, smokes, or any other small replaceable items.
someone who has no money and needs to party. follows you around waiting for your scr-ps or until you feel bad for them like an alley-cat
a gl-ss of water ordered in a bar between alcoholic beverages and/or shots in an attempt to sober up.
after three shots of patron, i had to order a few alley cats to push through the rest of the night.

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