an or lane.
a narrow p-ssageway.
historical examples

by means of an alley-way they headed him off, and lying in ambush, sprang out upon his approach, and flung themselves toward him.
shadow, the mysterious detective police captain howard

after supper they all sit about the kitchen or in the alley-way, chatting, smoking.
in madeira place heman white chaplin

captain walling in one instance saw a crowd with fire-arms standing in an alley-way.
the great riots of new york 1712 to 1873 j.t. headley

up this alley-way a man had been picking his prowling way in the dark.
the grammar school boys snowbound h. irving hanc-ck

then he pointed down the alley-way, and seeing hung advance, slid along after him.
under the chinese dragon f. s. brereton

there remained the rigging and the alley-way, and neither was very enticing.
under the chinese dragon f. s. brereton

then he lifted him from his feet as if he weighed a mere nothing, and using all his strength threw him across the alley-way.
under the chinese dragon f. s. brereton

this, in due course, took me along the alley-way to the barber’s shop.
the kidnapped president guy boothby

it was nearly two o’clock when they carried the ladder into the alley-way.
princeton stories jesse lynch williams

lebeau had not been mistaken; there were voices in the alley-way.
garrick’s pupil auguston filon

a narrow p-ssage; alley

1788, from alley + way.

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