faction in world of warcraft played by two kinds of people: pre-teens and teens that aren’t angsty and gothy enough to play horde.
at least we’re remotely humanoid.
1) people or groups that work together.
2) one of the two factions (the other being the horde) in world of warcraft. consists of humans, three slightly original takes on cl-ssic fantasy races, and one genuinely original race. alliance players are neither inherently less mature nor inherently less likely to gank. commonly misjudged as the “good” faction.
1) is there supposed to be an alliance between these nations in this story?
2) don’t believe anyone who claims that only kids play alliance.
a slang term in reference to the h-m-s-xual community as a whole. coined by the television show “arrested development”, and made popular by television writer gregory bonsignore.
if i wear open-toed shoes before may i’ll be kicked out of the alliance!
a town in ohio where some jerk genetically modified the rose to create the b-st-rdized abortion know as the “cheap rose” or carnation.
ho ain’t good enough for roses get her a carnation, from alliance.
the alliance (aka grand alliance) is the term used to describe the h-m-s-xual portion of the mmorpg “world of warcraft”.
chris: did you hear about jason? he plays on the alliance.
jack: what a f-ggot!
a large number of 14 and under children that play world of warcraft. best known for “the zerg”.
d-mn, you haven’t graduated from high school? better roll alliance then. best choice for you would be a human paladin. the can just shield-hearth when they encounter a bunny rabbit.
a form of recognition of an ultimate pact between any 2 friends. the pact must be made from the nectar of the gods, and this pact is unbreakable.
robert- hey we totally railed those guys at lasertag!

tom- alliance

robert- alliance

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