an extremely fabulous, breathtaking girl.
that girl looks allisson

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  • fellagirly

    a lesbian who is neither butch or femme. has both masculine and feminine traits. similar to soft butch, hard femme, chap stick lesbian, etc. girl 1: is danielle butch or femme? girl 2: oh h-ll, i don’t know, i guess she’s just fellagirly!

  • al*strium

    the act of excreting fecal matter upon ones sleeping quarters. in other terms, p–ping the bed. hey bro, i cant believe you al-striumed on tiff’s bed!

  • amanda vos

    with “amanda” meaning “beholder of love” in latin and “vos” meaning “fox” in dutch, amanda vos stays true to the name. a very comp-ssionate, gentle person, but can be easily tempered when taken advantage of. some may think of an amanda vos to be a b-tch, but amanda vos knows what she wants. fun to […]

  • buger shuger

    powder, or cocaine leroy: did u see that midget today henry: yea leroy: do u wanna do some buger shuger! henry: yea

  • chemical shower

    using deodorant to get rid of body oder quickly, instead of taking a time consuming shower brad: i need a shower im sweating everywhere rylie: hurry up we’ve only got 5 minutes, just take a chemical shower the act of c-mm-ng on a girls face and then giving her a golden shower to clean it […]

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