an that reacts with an antigen from a genetically different individual of the same species.

alloantibody al·lo·an·ti·bod·y (āl’ō-ān’tĭ-bŏd’ē)
see isoantibody.

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  • Alloantigen

    an present in some but not all individuals of the same species, as those in different human blood groups. alloantigen al·lo·an·ti·gen (āl’ō-ān’tĭ-jən) n. see isoantigen.

  • Allobarbital

    allobarbital allobarbital al·lo·bar·bi·tal (āl’ō-bär’bĭ-tôl’, -tāl’) n. a white, crystalline powder used as a sedative and hypnotic.

  • Allobaric

    of or relating to change in atmospheric pressure: allobaric wind.

  • Allocable

    that can be .

  • Allocatable

    that can be .

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