an amazing guy that can make you smile just by looking in your direction. he makes you fall in love all over again every time he smiles at you. he is always kind, and sweet, and incredibly cute, in every way. has the power of turning your incredible friendship into something magical, something that can last forever. always keeps his promises, and waits for the right girl to come along. he has an incredible amount of patience, especially with those he truly cares about. he has an amazing relationship with his family, especially his little sister, and shows respect towards anyone he meets. an allon does forget some things at times, but makes up for that in any way possible. overall, allon is someone to get to know, and someone to appreciate every moment you get.
“best friend: but just look at the statistics of high school relationships. only 10% actually end up in marriage.

allon: well lets be in that 10%, and i told u i will never lose you. i refuse to lose you no matter what. remember that. you’re never going to get rid of me. i will be by your side even if it’s as your boyfriend (hopefully), you best friend, or anything u ask of me.”
1. money lent at interest
2. the act of being without another person
3. a crazy israeli that creates clever pickup lines using his name
1. “hi, i’m allon, how much do you want of me at what interest rate?”
2. “hi, i’m allon, would you like to change that?”
a word meaning everything negative. used to express sucking in various situations including how much your current situation sucks or antic-p-tion of a bad day
guy 1: “how was work?”
guy 2: “allons”
guy 1: “that bad hunh?”

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