living or growing at different depths.

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  • Allophane

    a clay mineral, an amorphous hydrous silicate of aluminum, occurring in blue, green, or yellow, resinous to earthy m-sses. noun a variously coloured amorphous mineral consisting of hydrated aluminium silicate and occurring in cracks in some sedimentary rocks

  • Allophonic

    any of the members of a cl-ss of speech sounds that, taken together, are commonly felt to be a phoneme, as the t- sounds of toe, stow, tree, hatpin, catcall, cats, catnip, b-tton, metal, city; a speech sound const-tuting one of the phonetic manifestations or variants of a particular phoneme. noun any of several speech […]

  • Allophylian

    (of languages, especially those of europe and asia) neither indo-european nor semitic. (defs 3, 4).

  • Alloplast

    alloplast alloplast al·lo·plast (āl’ə-plāst’) n. a graft of an inert metal or plastic material. an inert foreign body used for transplantation into tissues.

  • Alloplasm

    noun (biology) part of the cytoplasm that is specialized to form cilia, flagella, and similar structures

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