alltel is a phone company that orginated in arkansas. its an ok place to work. they pay really good with great benefits but you have to talk to some ignorant -ssholes on a daily basis. alltel was recently purchased by verizon. may g-d help us!
hi thanks for calling alltel this is bob how may i help you?
cust: yeah my phone doesnt work.. why? fix it now!!
rep: i would be more than happy to help u may i have your ten digit number?
cust: no mother f-cker fix it now! why do you need my number? cant you just sprinkle some pixie dust on it and make it work?
rep: sir take it to the store have a good day. click
cust: h-llo? h-llo? i think he hng up on me.. 5 minutes later.. h-llo?!?!
a worthless, piece of sh-t, 3rd world country cell phone provider that originated in arkansas (surprise, surprise) they offer the sh-ttiest phones and even sh-ttier service. their phones are so sh-tty that you can even throw them up against a brick wall and they will still work.
“oh, hey… i just got home… click”
phone: call dropped
“f-ck alltel, it is such bullsh-t”

“so, alltel sent me this sh-tty refurb phone that someone else probably dropped in their bathtub and they just held a hair dryer over it long enough to get the piece of sh-t to work.”

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