allude is the act of using a word or phrase that has been used before and is well-known and can readily identify a situation. most urban terms are actually allusions to past literature, songs, or iconic pop culture.
“et tu brute” is an allusion to ceasar but is used to describe to a friend how you can’t believe he stabbed you in the back

“glitch in the system” is an allusion to the matrix but describes a de-ja-vu

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  • anaaaaaaant

    call for when something serious is happening anaaaaaaant they are about to fight.

  • analgrass

    some kind of f-cking rock for manicomio. -n-lgr-ss play ? -n-lgr-ss some kind of?

  • AO Ith

    an aolnewith is a rare hacked item from d2. this is very powerful and does around 1100 dmg two handed. it has 2 to all skills, 110% fhr, 75% resist all and other godly mods. ao ith is worth 16-20 hex.

  • appcrush

    to have affection for an application similar to a crush on a person, an appcrush is normally short lived until another application catches one’s affection. an app crush may turn into an applationship (a committed relationship to an application) stephanie and sean have recently discovered flock and instantly developed an appcrush.

  • a on the scantron

    converse of “b on the scantron”. true. factual. if that d-mn cat keeps cr-pping on my lawn, i’m going to chase it with a lawnmower. f-ckin’a on the scantron, man. for real.

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