fascination; charm.
the means of .
the act or process of .
historical examples

how true was this dream of theirs gathering detail and allurement as it p-ssed from sire to son!
a man for the ages irving bach-ller

“if i give her to them, she will never be a widow,” was the allurement there.
lotus buds amy carmichael

there was allurement in his presence quite different from that of any other.
rose of dutcher’s coolly hamlin garland

it is a peaceful scene, not without something of allurement.
mexico charles reginald enock

this bluff kindness, joined to the allurement of his powerful form, profoundly affected the girl.
money magic hamlin garland

she gets the charm and the allurement of the growing bud on life’s tree.
the family and it’s members anna garlin spencer

he withstood the temptation, mindful of his marriage-vow: she used every allurement; but he was resolute.
the thousand and one nights, vol. i. anonymous

this is the allurement of war, its persistent illusion, perhaps.
the psychology of nations g.e. partridge

of all these tales, those of the border naturally had most allurement.
a son of the middle border hamlin garland

her mediumship, so vital to the world, so sacred in his eyes, had but added to her allurement.
the tyranny of the dark hamlin garland


1540s, “means of alluring;” see allure + -ment. meaning “act of alluring” is recorded from 1560s.

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