an adverbial suffix attached to certain adjectives with stems in -ic that have no forms ending in -ical: terrifically.

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  • -ama

    variant of -orama, occurring as the final element in compounds when the first element is a disyllable ending in – r, used so that the entire word maintains the same number of syllables as panorama, : rollerama; futurama. -ama related terms -rama

  • -amide

    -amide also amide, in chemical use, 1850, denoting a compound obtained by replacing one hydrogen atom in ammonia with an element or radical, from fr. amide, from am(monia) + -ide; coined by fr. chemist charles-adolphe wurtz (1817-1884).

  • -amine

    variant of amino- as final element of a compound word: dramamine. -amine combining form indicating an amine histamine, methylamine -amine suff. amine: phenylamine.

  • -an

    a suffix occurring originally in adjectives borrowed from latin, formed from nouns denoting places (roman; urban) or persons (augustan), and now productively forming english adjectives by extension of the latin pattern. attached to geographic names, it denotes provenance or membership (american; chicagoan; tibetan), the latter sense now extended to membership in social cl-sses, religious denominations, […]

  • -ana

    a suffix that forms collective nouns denoting an -ssembly of items, as household objects, art, books, or maps, or a description of such items, as a bibliography, all of which are representative of or -ssociated with the place, person, or period named by the stem: americana; shakespeareana; victoriana. also, -iana. -ana suffix denoting a collection […]

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