Allyl group

the univalent group c 3 h 5 , derived from propylene.

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  • Allyl mercaptan

    a colorless liquid, c 3 h 6 s, having a strong, garlicky odor, used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

  • Allyl resin

    any of a cl-ss of thermosetting resins made from allyl alcohol and a dibasic acid, used chiefly as adhesives for laminated materials. noun any of several thermosetting synthetic resins made by polymerizing esters of allyl alcohol with a dibasic acid. they are used as adhesives

  • Allyl sulfide

    a colorless or pale yellow, water-insoluble liquid, c 6 h 10 s, having a garlicky odor, used chiefly in flavoring.

  • Allude to

    to refer casually or indirectly; make an (usually followed by to): he often alluded to his poverty. to contain a casual or indirect reference (usually followed by to): the letter alludes to something now forgotten. verb (intransitive) foll by to to refer indirectly, briefly, or implicitly (loosely) to mention v. 1530s, “mock,” from middle french […]

  • Allyl sulphide

    noun a colourless liquid that smells like garlic and is used as a flavouring. formula: (ch2:chch2)2s; relative density: 0.888; boiling pt: 139°c

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