(italics) a greek work on astronomy by ptolemy.
(lowercase) any of various medieval works of a like kind, as on astrology or alchemy.
historical examples

the first arabic translation of the almagest was made arab astronomers.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 2, slice 7 various

tables of mean motions of the sun are given in ptolemy’s almagest, lib.
chaucer’s works, volume 3 (of 7) geoffrey chaucer

he was chiefly distinguished for his revision of the ‘almagest.’
terrestrial and celestial globes vol i edward luther stevenson

the reference is right, for the ‘motus celi’ are discussed in the almagest, lib.
chaucer’s works, volume 3 (of 7) geoffrey chaucer

the subject is hardly worth further discussion, so i merely refer the reader to the almagest, lib.
chaucer’s works, volume 3 (of 7) geoffrey chaucer

ptolemy’s greatest work was the “megale syntaxis,” generally known as the almagest.
astronomy david todd

his catalogue contained 1,080 stars, and is printed in the “almagest” of ptolemy.
astronomy david todd

the exact value, according to ptolemy, was 23 51′ 20″; almagest, lib.
chaucer’s works, volume 3 (of 7) geoffrey chaucer

the almagest of ptolemy in an arabic translation was early a textbook among them.
the new gresham encyclopedia. vol. 1 part 2 various

one of his treatises has come down to us; but his princ-p-l discoveries have been transmitted through the ‘almagest’ of ptolemy.
letters on astronomy denison olmsted

a work on astronomy compiled by ptolemy in the 2nd century a.d containing a description of the geocentric system of the universe and a star catalogue
(sometimes not capital) any of various similar medieval treatises on astrology, astronomy, or alchemy

late 14c., t-tle of a treatise on astronomy by claudius ptolemy of alexandria, extended in middle english to other works on astrology or astronomy, from old french almageste (13c.), from arabic al majisti, from al “the” + greek megiste “the greatest (composition),” from fem. of megistos, superlative of megas “great” (see mickle). originally t-tled in greek megale syntaxis tes astronomios “great work on astronomy;” arab translators in their admiration altered this.

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