a girl who is very pretty and tends to be shy at times. this girl usually has sparkles in her eye. guys would go crazy for her.
you’re so almas
a very spontaneous girl who loves to listen to music! she is tall and gorgeous! she has beautiful brown eyes that you just want to sink in!!
alma is s-xy -ss heck!!
the most wonderful person in the world who cares for everyone, even the people who she hates and who hates her. all in all she is a caring person. she is the most smartest person in the grade. when you meet her, she will instantly make you smile. she does things that you would never do. like eating pinkberry off the ground. she is kind and sweet. but can be very aggressive when she needs to. she is beautiful in every way possible. the best friend anyone could ever have. she has read every book known to man. she plays the piano and although not very athletic she is p-ssionate about streb. she is the nicest person you will ever meet.
hey, whats your name?
guess, i love streb, pinkberry even off the ground! well whats my name?
uplifting spirit….. always smiling….
fabian’s alma got em through the day.
1. almas means “diamond” in arabic.
2. she is adamant, she is almas.
shine on me crazy almas !
that little ghost b-tch who pops up behind you in f.e.a.r.
i almost finished level 10!… until alma killed me.
slang term for a person who hates to walk. likely to hate walking. definitely norwegian.
helene hates to walk. what an almas.

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