historical examples

one time, i remember, goeing in the strand, a poor and infirme old man craved his almes.
brief lives (vol. 1 of 2) john aubrey

to give little gifts, is to dishonour; because it is but almes, and signifies an opinion of the need of small helps.
leviathan thomas hobbes

j has eo at almes, adding as next line, ne his poure kunesmen at him ne myhte nouht spede.
selections from early middle english 1130-1250: part ii: notes various

and this collection p-ssing vnder the name of an almes, was extended vpon the goods as well of the spirituall men as temporall.
chronicles of england, scotland and ireland (2 of 6): england (6 of 12) raphael holinshed

it were almes to thruste a dagger throughe hys chekes, sayeth one.
shakespeare jest-books; unknown

as he came furth of the castell gate, thare mett him certane beggeris, asking of his almes, for g-ddis saik.
the works of john knox, vol. 1 (of 6) john knox

in soche a way i had leuer haue an almes howse of olde folkes, then a company of stronge theues.
the pilgrimage of pure devotion desiderius erasmus

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