almighty people’s nation…./\^/\^/\….5 poppin 6 droppin, 5 sippin 6 drippin
i serve almighty and only da almighty 5!
almighty, a word often used by people who despise “cool”.also used when refering to physical strength of someone.
colby is the almighty one of redlick! you will bow to him
kool aid man
nothing will ever destroy kool aid man almighty.
somethign that i is!! something to discribe something that is “cool” a much better word for it. yet not everyone can say almighty in the right way, thou’st only teh almighty ones shall use it. for it is powerfull and thy peasenteh ones shall’nt takes its name in vaine!!
nik is teh almighty one, you shalln’t not run’st for yee will bow down!!

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