someone that needs to shower more and learn how to shut up.
wow almon, you smell.

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  • brown meef

    a man’s feces-covered p-n-s after -n-l s-x. applies to heteros-xual and h-m-s-xual relations. great f-ck, but he totally licked me clean after. who knew he was into brown meef?

  • extra beefy

    a fart that not only can you taste but is so beefy you have to chew it. this old guy on the bus let out a “extra beefy” that i chewed for 5 mins of pain and cried later.

  • brown otter

    when your body is fully submerged in water and you poo with only your -ss out of the water you poo pokes out like a lil cute brown sh-t otter hey guys!!! don’t swim over here i just did a brown otter

  • thumb typing

    typing with just the thumbs, as in, on a smart phone or mini tablet. in the modern cl-ssroom, p-ssed notes have been replaced by students thumb typing messages to one another.

  • guidy

    a shortened form of “guidance teacher”. perhaps only used by guidance teachers. miss forbes: “well, that’s your last pse lesson of first year!” emilly: “yessss…” miss forbes: “who was that!?” 1pse9: “emilly…” emilly: “maryjo…” miss forbes: “well, i’m no gonnae be your pse teacher anymore, emilly, but you’ve forgot that i’m still your guidy!” 1pse9: […]

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