having an oval shape usually pointed at one or both ends.
contemporary examples

his almond-shaped eyes would squeeze shut; he shook his head as if to clear his thoughts.
jerry sandusky trial, day two: young accuser breaks down diane dimond june 11, 2012

historical examples

hatchets of the almond-shaped type, like those of the diluvium of abbeville and saint-acheul, were very plentiful.
primitive man louis figuier

the stalk is smooth, and the leaves are almond-shaped, only more pointed.
harper’s young people, october 19, 1880 various

his eyes, which were very dark and almond-shaped, had a strange and arresting beauty.
fire-tongue sax rohmer

when the nails are long and almond-shaped, there is danger of weakness and delicacy of the lungs.
palmistry for all cheiro

one almond-shaped eye had been partly torn from its socket, leaving a hideous, red scar.
the adventures of piang the moro jungle boy florence partello stuart

his almond-shaped and nearly lidless eye is small, lively, and intelligent.
the human race louis figuier

he opened his almond-shaped eyes a little wider, with an excellent affectation of astonishment at her words and manner.
the diva’s ruby f. marion crawford

she was looking at me keenly from the corners of her almond-shaped eyes.
wives and widows; or the broken life ann s. stephens

his almond-shaped eyes imparted to his face an expression of soft and sentimental melancholy.
victory joseph conrad

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