Almost everywhere

everywhere in a given set except on a subset with measure zero.
abbreviation: a.e.
contemporary examples

they dominate the waterfront, and almost everywhere else in the city center the influence of the sea is apparent too.
‘heroic old warhorse’ jan morris february 17, 2011

almost everywhere else, elections are run by impartial voting agencies.
america’s disgraceful voting system david frum november 4, 2012

historical examples

the market for butcher’s meat is almost everywhere confined to the country which produces it.
an inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations adam smith

she has been almost everywhere, and is now hastening to make it everywhere.
quaint courtships various

and almost everywhere the prophetic spirit in the delineation of his coming remains true to itself.
who wrote the bible? washington gladden

captain cy had been almost everywhere and seen almost everything.
cy whittaker’s place joseph c. lincoln

if ornament confers distinction,—and almost everywhere it does—men will seek to possess ornaments.
the value of money benjamin m. anderson, jr.

“you must have been almost everywhere,” she murmured admiringly.
miss pat at artemis lodge pemberton ginther

and coincident with the same, she became the recipient of numerous offers from almost everywhere.
the homesteader oscar micheaux

by the summer of 1777 the tories were almost everywhere in a hopeless minority.
the war of independence john fiske

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