almost fight

a fight that is about to happen when it is broken up by either an authoritative figure or one of the combatants. usually the latter happens because one of the fighters is a p-ssy, and won’t fight after challenging, even with all the backup he can bring. this sort of person may also go around acting gangster but talking his way out of a fight if he gets one.
the biggest thing to happen at lynbrook was an almost fight, where a white boy from tino came to challenge a person from lynbrook. the tino kid brought thirty more white boys to back him up, while the lynbrook guy brought only ten, but the tino guys p-ssyd out and ran back to their cars and drove away.
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a fight between two groups or gangs that is broken up by members of authority just before it starts or if one side p-ss–s out. originally coined by george liaw.
“this is how lame our school is, we only have almost-fights.” (george liaw, january 27, 2006)

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