when you pick up the phone, you say “alo” as the first word, just like “h-llo”
john: “alo, who is this?”
phone: “this is the police”
john: “oh”
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when your moist wet v-g-n- releases a hard c-ck in the middle of a rainy night
whys cabo not here today?………………….
you didnt hear man he had his alos last night.
alo is undefinable. it is derived from the tribal language of the bengali. it is commonly used in spanish conversations.
this world is aloed.
i just failed a math exam, alo.
to elbow someone in the gut followed by an immediate backhand to the face. only seen done under the influence of alcohol.
man after he got wasted he pulled a lo on his girl.
french way to say h-llo. the don’t pr-nounce the h-llo, and change the e to an a sound.
phone rings
person: alo?
a nickname for a man named andy with a booty like j-lo. a-lo’s can be commonly seen working in middle management at wal-mart. if not at work, he can also be seen playing w.o.w in his cave also fluent in spanish.
example: d-mn look at that a-lo booty

example: he’s still, he’s still a-lo from the block

example: can a-lo please come to isle 3 for customer service.
short for someone’s name. like mine!
alo is like jlo but jlo copied alo cuz alo is better and qter than jlo and jlo sucks and alo rocks.

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