someone who is cancerous and kills you on the inside making you feel like coughing up blood all over your table
bob:”hey chuck”
chuck:”shush up you little alofolo

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    to keep annoying or lame and unbeneficial/undesirable people away not to be seen or be -ssociated with like hoes, b-mb freinds, dead beat dads/ racist relatives, ghetto family, weird uncles and so on d-mn………..cosby been put in orbit ever since he got caught…..

  • nooblem

    a recurring problem for noobs. often googled while the solution is obvious to others. not being able to type write “h-llo world” when following a tutorial for the first time, and trying to google the nooblem.

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    the most awesome and underrated youtuber. man, derek gerard is great!

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    someone who has vigerous intercourse, cause m-ss damage to the female reproduction system you have a crater cl-t

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