the main character in kurosh-tsuji ii. earl alois trancy is not only an attention wh-r- and enjoys wearing booty shorts, but he also constantly attempts to s-x up his stoic, creepy butler, claude faustus.

alois has anger management problems and a short attention span. for most of the anime, he is blabbering his mouth off to claude about killing ciel and sebastian. (d-mn him!)

alois is also a rarely used term used by kurosh-tsuji (black butler) fans to describe someone similar to the fictional character. his past is very intense and dramatic. not only does he get extremely happy when his village is burned down, his little brother also dies and he ends up sleeping with a sixty year old man, lord trancy. fun.
patrick: holy sh-t, johnny! why are you wearing booty shorts!?
johnny: don’t you think i look hot in these? -nudge nudge-
patrick: such an alois.

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