pure hottness;s-xaliciousness
d-mn! that jigga is alok fa sho
this person, or type of person will pretty much screw you over. truly a jerk and always thinks he is right. irrational.
avoid at all costs.
wow, he’s just like an alok.
a jain cosmological term derived from sanskrit, also known as alokakash – the (empty) infinite sp-ce outside the universe is called the non-universe (alokakash).
(in the non-universe, sp-ce alone exists without the other five substances)
the 6 substances are: soul (jiva), matter (pudgala), ether (dharmastikyya), anti-ether (adharmastikaya), sp-ce (akasha), time (kala).
the biggest pimp out for all da ho’s n bizitches; the badest mof-cka ya niga’s ever c
d-mn niga, he f-cking caught dat d-mn breezie like alok yo!
the biggest n baddest pimp out for all da cracka-ho’s; the most tricked out mof-cka ya niga’s ever c
d-mn niga! he f-cking caught dat d-mn breezie like alok would have yo!
verb: to sh-t on to someone’s chest for their s-xual gratification
i went round to your mum’s last night and alokked her.

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