tall cute gay boy, c-cky, and thinks he is the sh-t
you should be like alondo

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  • faglol

    f-glol simply means a friend who’s also a d-ck head. (when a friend is being a d-ck) “shut up you f-glol”

  • chip daniels

    greasy homeless italian that ravages through trash and baths in his own grease. on most occasions he is found talking to fire hydrants about the mafia. his great grandpa was al ca f-cking pone who deeply hated his side of the family. “seriously todd you’re acting just like chip daniels.”

  • chocolate gogurt slinger

    while having s-x dogy style and partner begins to sh-t, and you have to -j-c-l-t- you pull out immediately an sling sh-t an j-zz everywhere i pulled out an slung sh-t an j-zz slung everywhere chocolate gogurt slinger

  • goon shit

    the act of doing things against the law that are funny did you see all the goon sh-t scott is doing?

  • white trash rat face

    a physical condition where extremely white trash genetics cause a person’s facial features to be entirely too small for their head. i can’t take cletus seriously, the way he sits there staring at me with that white trash rat face of his.

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