every girls dream guy. handsome, average height or taller, a s-xy defined body, athletic and intelligent when wants to be. he is one h-ll of a f-cker in the bed or anywhere, knows the right moves and proud of his lasting time. loyal and honest in relationships, is vulnerable to love but the best partner to have. he is always active and is aggressive and/or has temper problems. talented and cheerful, he always makes one laugh and is fun yet daring.
alexandra: omg its him!!! i hope he notices us
haley: he is so perfect, he is a perfect alonzo
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tall, dark, and handsome. some call him c-cky and conceited, however he is as down to earth as can be. he is very comfortable with who he is. some call him a pretty boy, but he’s definitely not. he’s a jack of all trades. somewhat of a charmer. he is good at what he does. versatile and able to adapt to any situation. family oriented. often misunderstood because of his lack of volunteering personal info, but he is so ok with that.
alonzo is awesome! alonzo is a cool dude!
a person with lots of swag. a pimp at life.
ashlee said to all her friends, “omg victor moya is such an alonzo.”
always on the phone, always singing rihanna or britney spears songs, loves caramel-mocha frappaccino’s, dogs eat his gl-sses and the ladies looooooove him.
“sing me an alonzo!”
a fat, curly haired young man who never gets off the computer. he needs more exercise.
“alonzo, you need more exercise.”

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