aloura is a naturally beautiful girl who will always be there for you. she is nice to everyone and doesn’t judge, if you know an aloura then you are a lucky b-tch.
aloura went for the black one

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  • spectrumization

    basically designates a really chill person. can be shortened to spec wow, that guy is the epitome of spectrumization.

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    another way of saying not flexible or stiff ‘ my legs and arms are stiff therefore i am flexible-less ‘ – renee

  • c*nt rupture

    when you f-ck a girl so hard her v-g-n- exploded and everyone comes flowing out on top of you. said to feel better for the woman than an -rg-sm. yo i was h-ttin’ that b-tch last night and i made her c-nt rupture. sh-t was messy af.

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  • saltillo

    very small quite town full of misfits,loners,and hermits,and the good old farmers. saltillo is used for a farmer’s playgrounds

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