a person whom you believe to be the craziest person on the earth
you alpacamingo get over here and calm down

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  • sleef

    a word used to describe when a woman queefs in her sleep. “i swear i heard my sister sleef last night!”

  • olilf

    older lady i’d like to f-ck but she has that olilf b-tton though.

  • viking raid

    the act of 18 or more men ravaging one woman for a chance into valhalla (the v-g-n-) guy 1: what did you do last night? guy 2: i was part of a viking raid. guy 1: did you reach valhalla?? guy 2: h-ll yeee

  • Stroller Mom

    a middle age woman with her children in a stroller in any public sp-ce. originated from the gang of woman running around the neighborhood with there strollers. “i can’t walk two steps without running into someone.” “i know there are way to many stroller moms at disney today.” #mom stroller boring annoying basic woman amus-m-nt […]

  • cuberican

    cuban and puerto rican person so sam told me her moms cuban and her dads puerto rican. so i guess that makes her a cuberican

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