a strong staff with an iron point, used by mountain climbers.
historical examples

stand up as i do, and hold your alpenstock behind you like this.
the crystal hunters george manville fenn

there’s a great stick in the corner that uncle joe calls his alpenstock.
little lucy’s wonderful globe charlotte m. yonge

i looked out for the stick, said mathilde, handing the alpenstock to lucia, who took it with a smile.
betty lee, soph-m-re david goodger ([email protected])

he put the belt of his knapsack over his shoulder, and took his alpenstock in his hand.
rollo in switzerland jacob abbott

fellpole is a much better word than its foreign equivalent, ‘alpenstock’.
climbing in the british isles. vol. 1 – england w. p. haskett smith

“i think he is trying to break your alpenstock, emma,” observed lewis.
rivers of ice r.m. ballantyne

the leader carried an axe, and his companion a knapsack and an alpenstock.
hours of exercise in the alps john tyndall

lawrence rushed deep into the snow and held out his alpenstock.
rivers of ice r.m. ballantyne

she also carried an alpenstock (there is not a mountain within a hundred miles of dresden) and a black bag strapped to her waist.
three men on the b-mmel jerome k. jerome

test the snow-bridges carefully with your alpenstock before you venture on them!
soap-bubble stories f-nny barry

an early form of ice axe, consisting of a stout stick with an iron tip and sometimes having a pick and adze at the head, formerly used by mountain climbers

“long iron-pointed staff used for hiking in mountains,” 1829, german, literally “alpine stick.”

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