Alpha Couple

an alpha couple consists of two people who strive to fulfill society’s traditional norms regarding education, marriage, employment and child-rearing. some would refer to them as “the perfect couple”.
both man and woman have university degrees and are likely to have married young (in their mid-twenties).
though not necessarily an alpha male himself, the man is the breadwinner, holding down a white-collar job in it, finance, accounting or marketing.
his wife, although university-educated, has few ambitions other than raising a family. if employed at all, she is likely to work mornings or have her own small business (eg: a small shop or nursery).
financially, the couple are secure, with little or no debt save for a home loan. although still in their twenties or early thirties, both are already making provisions for retirement.
“omg, garry and kate have just got married and already they’re talking about buying a house and starting a family! they’re such an alpha couple!”

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