Alpha Kappa Psi

the world’s oldest professional business fraternity. alpha kappa psi utilizes five core values; knowledge, brotherhood, service, unity and integrity to build principled business leaders.

the fraternity recognizes ones right of free speech. the fraternity does not endorse any negative comments posted on or any other internet site.
alpha kappa psi was founded in 1904 at new york university. today alpha kappa psi has over 250,000 members world-wide contributing to the success of business globally.
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a clearly non-professional business “frat” who believes that kicking the -ss out of someone is smart, mature or accomplishes anything.
delta sigma phi. “a weak and pathetic co-ed business fraternity that pretends to be professional but is actually made up of a bunch of p-ss-es.
gets the sh-t beat out of them on a routine basis by the obviously superior alpha kappa psi.” see delta sigma phi for this… word for word.
the professional business fraternity. akpsi is a co-ed professional fraternity founded in 1904 at new york university. it is recognized across the nation as the premier developer of ethical business leaders. known for kick–ss parties and people.
beats the sh-t out of delta sigma pi.
“drink up b-tch, this is alpha kappa psi.”

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